Saturday, 4 December 2010

My Disney Adventure - 2011

November 18th: Face-to-Face: Judgement day, i arrived nice an early about 9am and met a few people who i had been chatting to on the forums. I was calm but extremly nervous but tried to put that so one side and just enjoy the day. 

We were greeted by Nick, Robin and Jill. It now started to kick in that i have a genuine shot at getting the summer holiday job of a lifetime.We were given a presentation which lasted about an hour showing what we could potentially expect on being accepted to the program. We were all given a role checklist i slected 6 options with my 1st choice being Attractions and 2nd being Merchandise. 

My interview was at 15:20 which left me with a pretty long nervous wait but this time gave me a great opportunity to meet people and ended up in Mcdonalds for lunch.  The time arrived i was interview in pair with another male named Richard. Questions i was asked: 
  • Why this program
  • Do i have any tattoos or piercings 
  • Why i study ATM 
  • What do i most look forward to in WDW
  • What role would i like to do 
  • Am i flexible to a role
  • Do i have any work expierence 
  • Am i a good timekeeper 
  • Do i have any questions about the program. 
Now to the waiting we were told we are most likly to hear by the end of November. 12 Days and Counting!!

November 1st - 18th:  

I started to research and mostly try and not get over-worked up as i simply knew i wanted this more then anyone else.  I found this website called, which all the applicants and accepted cast members for all the programmes can talk to one another about their experiences and help each other with like phone interviews or normal interviews. 
This website was superb and helped me meet new people with the same love of Disney.  

November 1st 2010: Some exciting new arrives:

Dear Steven

Many thanks for taking time in the pre-screen interview for the Walt Disney World International Programs.  We were impressed by your performance and are delighted to invite you to the next interview stage.

Face to Face - one step closer to the MouseHouse!

October 23rd 2010:  

Phone interview time was at 15:30, after getting locked out the house i was not exactly calm. I had a call from Nick, who tried to catch me by suprise calling at 15:10 but i was sat their prepared. Here were the questions i was asked:

  • Would I cope with the heat in Florida
  • Why do I want to work for Disney
  • What would I gain from the programme and what can i offer
  • How would i cope living with other people from around the world
This was a nice chat where i felt like i was not being tested, total conversation time was only about 10 mins. I was not told of my progress just that i would be notified via email in the next week. 

October 20th 2010: 3 days later Yummyjobs emailed me to arrange my phone interview, the excitement starts to builds.

October 17th 2010: Applied to the Walt Disney World College Program via YummyJob's. This was the first stage of hopefully making my Disney dream come true.

Why did i want to partcipate in the programme:

The opportunity to gain new real life experiences in fast paced working environment within a different culture. The opportunity to work for Disney would be an honour and the thought of it actually happening would be life changing. Having been lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World on two occasions I fell in love with the magic as soon as I went through the gates as its still with me. I am passionate about how Disney treats every single guest who visits WDW and hope to show guests and my fellow cast members how much love I have for Disney and the magic which takes place in those 40 acres in Florida.
My thoughts at this stage were, try and get to the phone interview its hard to show my love for Disney in words.

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